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2023 Kerr Family Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to all the applicants who took the time to participate in our selection process of the annual Kerr Family Scholarship. We would like to acknowledge our two scholarship recipients, Brady Sheppard and Devon Thistle and remind all applicants that we encourage and welcome you to apply again in the future. We are very proud of all your accomplishments, and are amazed to see the talent within our Kerr family!


With drive and commitment to maintain honour roll status as well as participate in various sports, it makes sense that Brady would want to pursue a Physical Education Degree. Demonstrating strong leadership skills both as an athlete and as a coach will help him to succeed in his studies and his future career. He aspires to be a teacher and we certainly feel that he is headed down the right path to excel in this profession.

Aside from his academics and proven ability to lead, he is highly respected within his community and by his peers. This is in large part due to his kindness and ability to make others feel welcome when they are in his presence. His drive to never give up when faced with a challenge will certainly prepare him for whatever curveballs life throws at him. His patience, passion to live an active lifestyle, and ability to communicate when working with youth baseball athletes are all great qualities that will help to shape him into an “out of the park” type of teacher someday.

There is no doubt that with Brady’s dedication he is sure to hit multiple home runs as he works towards obtaining his degree. We wish him all the best in his studies, and in his future endeavors.


For many years Devon has had a passion and fascination with the works and study of history and geography. So, there is no surprise why he would choose to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree with a focus in history. In addition to his studies, he is a well-rounded musician with a passion for the arts and is always looking to find ways to make a difference within his community. This was evident when being elected as the Kiwanis’s “K.E.Y.” Club president in grade twelve by his peers, and currently being involved with his university’s newspaper. We are sure his excellent academic standing also contributed to him being selected as valedictorian to represent his high school graduating class.

Juggling being in multiple bands, various student clubs and maintaining good standing in his academics proves his commitment, dedication and strong time management skills. We wish him all the best in his studies, and in his future endeavors!