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Recognizing Leadership at Kerr

TUG-TheUserGroup, is currently hosting their annual conference and we were absolutely thrilled to hear that one of our senior staff members was recognized as the Network Leader of the Year. Congratulations Gord! Please see the posting below which was shared by the TUG Group.
“Today Della Coffelt announced Gordon Crober, Logistics & Facilities Manager at Kerr Controls and leader of the WMS Network, as the winner of the TUG Hall of Fame Award for Network Leader of the Year. In the fall of every ’normal’ year, members of the WMS Network fly in to meet in-person at one or two members’ facilities for a tour and demonstration of how that company utilizes their warehouse management system.
This year, even though he lives in Nova Scotia, the leader of the WMS was not to be daunted by a complete travel ban from Canada. He managed to organize a virtual tour of Billows Electric Supply in Philadelphia. After months of delays, our video team finally traveled to the Billows facility and filmed three days worth of interviews and demonstrations, organized and scripted by David Lowenstein, of Billows Supply. After filming, Gordon spent weeks reviewing and helping to edit hours upon hours of videos to present as individual sessions at TUG Connects 2021″
Gordon Crober, Logistics & Facilities Manager at Kerr Controls Limited.