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Not Your Average Milk Truck

The milk truck continues to be an iconic symbol for Kerr Controls. I don’t think David Kerr Wilson, founder and current executive chair realized the impact it would have on its customers and the history of Kerr when starting up the business 70 years ago. What once started as one individual selling and servicing HVACR equipment out of a milk truck, has now grown into an empire housing 9 locations across Atlantic Canada, and 3 in Ontario. Without Mr. Wilson’s hard work, sacrifice and dedication the company would not be where it is today. It is Mr. Wilson’s efforts that are recognized when seeing this milk truck, and what better way to tribute 70 years of history than by bringing it back to life.

This would not have been made possible without the help from Conway Customz Inc. based in Truro, NS when replicating the original Milk Truck from 1949.  They captured the original design perfectly. However, with the amount of growth Kerr has seen over 70 years we need much more than just one of these to operate!


David Kerr Wilson posing in the replica of his original milk truck which he started the business in 1949 by selling and servicing HVAC equipment out of.